Tours, Workshops & Classes

We’re available for tours & workshops by arrangement. We host tours for children & adults. The focus can vary depending on your group’s needs: general, vegetables, animals, small scale family farming, organics, greenhouse production, etc. We also host workshops on seed saving, naturally made skin care items, meditation in nature, cooking & more! Offerings vary; we’re open to requests.



Meat: Pork & Beef by Pre-Order

Like the great idea, but can’t use the produce? Pledge $30 or more to support our efforts. You’ll get invites to field days/potlucks, and the weekly newsletter via e-mail…and of course, our thanks! See the Pledge Form. Makes a great gift too!

Supporting Memberships

Beef: All lean, Jersey/Hereford cross beef with rich flavor. Raised organically, on pasture (grass & hay -- all organic, pasture is certified Biodynamic). Never given hormones, antibiotics or GMO grain/feed. We generally make it all into roasts & ground beef. Soup Bones (meaty!) will be available. (If interested in ½ or ¼, we will price it for you & give you approximation of cuts.)

Pork: Pastured on certified organic/Biodynamic ground, fed certified organic grain & our own Biodynamic vegetable scraps. Sold only as halves, quarters or eighths.

Generally, we butcher  annually in late autumn/early winter. Please contact us for a meat order form prior to October 1, 2010. All meat must be ordered while still on-the-hoof.

Contact us:


Common Good Farm

Evrett Lunquist & Ruth Chantry

17201 NW 40th St.

Raymond NE 68428



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We offer an 11 week late spring/early summer CSA, single delivery fall harvest box, organic eggs, produce & herbs, annual plants, and tours & workshops. Meat is available for pre-order for early winter butchering.

Farm Offerings

CSA = community supported agriculture & is a dynamic farm movement over twenty years old, summed up as “share the bounty, share the risk.” CSA engages farmer & consumer in a relationship in which consumer members pledge annually to pay a share of the farm’s economic needs & in return receive a share of the produce in weekly harvests, as well as other farm-specific benefits. Early pledges & payments provide funds for expenses incurred before harvesting begins & throughout season.  

Members support the farm with a share of the budget & receive a share of the season’s harvest as a weekly harvest box, picked-up from a delivery site or on-farm. Included in each harvest is a delightful newsletter sharing farm news, recipes & produce information. Harvest shares average 10 - 12 pounds/week over the season, which will run from late May – early August. We aim for 11 weeks of delivery. As is the nature of farming, there are variables more...

CSA Summer Harvest Shares: 11 weeks

A single delivery fall harvest of storage items is an additional option: potatoes, winter squash, pumpkin, onions, sweet potatoes, garlic, leeks & a few other items are what we plant annually. This is separate from the 11 week season; you can do one or both! Harvest is available for on-farm pick-up only the first week of October 2010. Final date TBA closer to the time. Final cost is being determined. (In 2009 the cost was $140 for 70 pounds of produce; we anticipate similar for 2010). A $50 deposit reserves your fall box. It’s a little different than the regular season CSA in that we will reduce the pledge price if total poundage is less than the pre-determined amount of  pounds, but we aren’t guaranteeing specific quantities of any particular item. Additional quantities will be available for purchase. In 2009, everyone enjoyed a harvest market on the farm on fall harvest box pick up day, including many items that weren’t in the box, as well asou rown farm fudge sauce, brownies & eggs.! Sign up with a deposit & completed pledge form! 2010 Pledge Form

 Fall Harvest Box

Our fabulous brown eggs are from chickens pastured on our certified Biodynamic pastures. We grind our own organic custom mix of chicken ration to supplement their diet of bugs & grass & scraps from our own vegetable production. We sell our eggs direct to you on-farm year-round, as well as through Open Harvest in Lincoln and during May & June at Old Cheney Farmer’s Market in Lincoln.

Organic Eggs

Available on-farm during the season. Please contact us to check availability. We also sell wholesale to restaurants & grocers. We vend at the Old Cheney Farmer’s Market. In 2010, we will be at that market May— end of June; Sundays, 10 AM— 2 PM at 56th & Old Cheney Road, Lincoln. 

Plant Sale! Save the dates! Plan on joining us April 30 & May 1 and May 7 & 8, 2010 for our second annual plant sale. A wide variety of vegetable & herb plants for your garden. Certified organic plants from mostly open pollinated & heirloom stock grown from seed right here on our farm.

 Produce & Herbs & Plants

chicken house & cows in pasture

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